A Shadow of it’s Former Self…

NYS_PavilionThe New York State Pavilion, part of the 1964/65 NY Worlds Fair.

In a way, I envy the people that were fortunate to see and pass by it in it’s prime. Back when it had Colored glass on the Worlds Largest suspension roof. -When it had the highway map of New York State. Back when you could actually take a elevator to one of the three Observation Towers and overlook the whole city.

Now, the place is in shambles, right next to the Theatre in the Park.

It pisses me off that our Politicians would rather let this wonder of New York City crumble to the ground.. I’ve read that it would be too expensive to fix, but I find that to be Politician Bullshit.

Why not fix it and let it be a REAL tourist attraction? Why not Return it to what it used to be somewhat and use it to host events, parties? If Tony Stark can use it to present technology of the future, why can the City of New York use it as well?

It’s bad enough that a lot of the Former Worlds Fair events been long gone, but I see this every day on my work commute and its sad that it’s standing (for now), but no one is using it or taking advantage of it’s Iconic structure. Disney wanted to turn a piece of Flushing Meadows Park into a Amusement Park that could’ve meant jobs for a lot of New Yorkers, but that ideal got nixed by Robert Moses a long time ago. Now we have a park rotting away from it’s former Glory.

Thanks New York City… For Nothing.