A Hip-Hop Legend Run-In…

KOOLKEITHJust stepped out to lunch, speed-walking, so I can get downtown to my favorite Golden Crust, when I had a Fan Moment…

Kool Keith was walking toward me.

Now, I don’t “Geek-Out”, whenever I bump into a Rapper/Emcee/Movie Star, to be honest, it doesn’t phase me, They’re not on a “Godly” status, but when I seen KK coming toward me, I couldn’t help but yell out “KOOL KEITH!!!”

Un-phased, he stops and says “Whussup”, and gives me dap.

Geeking out, I had to spit out album titles and songs like “Critical Beatdown”, “Dr. Octagon”, “Poppa Large”, “Pimp To Eat” and others (I could go on and on in my library, trust me) -Just to let him know I’m official. He smiles and tells me about his latest Album, Love & Danger“.

Yeah, I was playing myself, Grown-Ass man, Rambling..  -But So What?

This homie is a Legend. Honestly, it was like meeting DJ Kool Herc in Vegas years ago.. He’s part of Hip-Hop History, a Pioneer. For him to stop and talk with me for 15-20 minutes was Bananas!

I never got to that Golden Crust and picked up some Jerk Chicken, I had to settle for a cold sandwich, but so what, I geeked out for the rest of the day.