KDNYC8The KD 6, A very well designed Basketball shoe. Seems the Hypebeast aren’t too pleased with the design from some of the comments I’ve read on the more frequented Sneaker Blogs.. A shame really, I think the Kicks were well thought out.

KDNYC1First, lets start with the box… It’s Kevin Durant’s first Signature box, Unless you want to count the Nerf Hoop IV’s that I never got, sadly. The box plays along with the theme of the kicks.

I wish Nike did this more often, -like if the concept behind the kicks were Video Games, A box that ties the whole theme, together with the Kicks would be dope.

kdnyc6I have no Idea what this means on the Tongue, but it looks dope…

KDNYC5Now, This isn’t a Performance Review, just a Style-Design one, and I feel like its out of the norm, maybe a little too forward for the masses. Is that a bad thing? -Heck no. I just feel like this is going to be a slept-on shoe. The whole “Thunder” Lightning Bolt (I’m assuming, mind you), is Eye catching, the play of the color blocking and fabrication is Sick with so many colorway possibilities, it’s scary to think that the closest I’ll get to a Exclusive, is if I visit Flight Club on broadway.

Even the Tongue, one of my favorite parts of the shoe, with the wrap around the arch and it’s abnormal length is nice. It kinda reminds me of the Classic, O.G. Adidas Samba, which is a very good thing, in my opinion.

KDNYC7Which brings me to this shoe.. Supposedly, this is supposed to be a tribute shoe to NYC, when KD dropped 66 points at the Rucker, hitting like 4 Threes Back-to-Back with defenders on him… YouTube it, it’s sick.

Back to these joints though… IF these are supposed to tie back to that game, Where’s the mark? Where’s the Number 66? Where’s any sign of Rucker Park? No Court? No Gate? No Hoop? No NYC?? -No HARLEM?? -I mean, the insole only has his Signature!!! The KD V’s last holiday had a Pixilated artwork of him, Lebron “Big Apple VI’s” had a Apple patch on the insole… It was Ill. -What does NYC get?

An Orange Shoe, No more, no less…

KDNYC9Don’t get it twisted though, with the way the shoe game is today, I’m lucky I was able to walk into a footlocker and Walk away my size, with no lines, no problems and no exaggerated price tag.  Do I feel cheated that there’s no Direct Tie-back to that day in Harlem? -Slightly. Do I still think the Kicks look Dope? -ABSOLUTELY.

KDNYC3So with a $130.00 price tag ($141.54  after NYC tax), are they worth the price??


I’ll just put it like this…KDNYC2-I’m not taking my joints back….