When Fake can mean more than the Real Thing

Gwampa's Rolex

Gwampa’s Rolex

This is my Grandfather’s Watch.

It’s a Rolex.

It’s also a Fake.

It’s the only thing I have from the Father that raised me. Instilled in me manners that I pass off to my own son on the regular, because like me at his age, I just didn’t listen.

But that didn’t stop him from beating it in my head.

Wildin’ Out, acting like a child raised by the wild, -Poor… New York City back in the 70’s-90’s would do that to you. But from me breaking windows, to being chased by the homeless, the drunk, the Police, I made sure to say my grace before each meal, Including a Stick of gum or a bag of Bon Ton BBQ chips, Help elderly women with their groceries, and hold the door open for people.

The man that wore this watch was a Great, GREAT man. -Shoot, it’s true that you don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.

He’s been gone, as well as my grandmother, one year after he died, for a minute now, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about how this dude, who wasn’t even my Biological Grandfather. He was my Step-Grandfather, but the funny thing was, we never called him that.

We called him “Gwampa”.

He was a big man, wore size 12-13 shoes, can’t really remember.

Strong, Scary… A Grouch. I even inherited his grouchiness.

Showed little emotions, a Yankee fan… -Would toss free Mets tickets in the trash. -Mind you, Shea stadium was less than ten minutes away from the crib. Yeah, Rakim was talking about my Grandfather when he wrote “I aint no Joke”.

Well, The reason why I posted this, was he was a Hard Worker. He worked at two different hospitals every day.

Leaves the house at 7:30, drop me off at school, sometimes with a quarter for some candy, come home at 3:00, grabs some grub, bounces off to Forest Hills to Parkway Hospital for his night shift, Pick up my Grandmother from Her job, drives home a little before or after 12:00.

Yeah.. Jamaicans get down like that.

Well, going into the New year, 2014. I need to remind myself of my Grandfather. Kind of put myself in his shoes. I wear the size 12’s now.

I need to put in the work, I need to be more serious with my talents and take full advantage of them. I need to support my Family and extend even further than that, if possible.

Show no fear.

Be Strong.

Be more Responsible.

Be Content.

Work Hard. -Maybe even have two jobs like he did!

To my friends, family, Those that knew him, those that heard about him, lets not forget how much he meant to us, and the sacrifices he made, because he didn’t really have to, but he did.

2014 is almost here, lets put in the work like Gwampa did.

I love you, Gwampa, and I miss you.