Been a Minute, mad changes, traveling, new locations and more. Just playing (or trying to) catch up with everything, Including my corner of the internet. I’ve been trying to keep my Flicker up… Continue reading


This man is an absolute Beast… If I were to ever do walls, I would want it to look like this..

Radom Flicks

Lumix L-1 Pics

Pulled out the L-1 Beast for a quick shoot of my Air Jordan III’s… I can’t front, the detail in this shoe is something to stare at. But MAN! -The Pics this 7… Continue reading

Times Sq, TONIGHT!!

-Yeah, just another Random Pic…

Sticking with what I know…

I like to mix it up and try to style out every now and then, but this is my daily get up… I’m really grounded with what I came up in, basic looks,… Continue reading


Had to go into my Sketchbook and scan this piece in and fine tune the Pencils in Sketchbook Pro. Inks are up next.

Meanwhile… In Hunters Point, Queens…

  Hat: Belief Glasses: Ray-Ban Scarf: The Hill-Side Coat: Army Gore-Tex Parka Jacket: Levi’s Shirt: Levi’s Pants: RRL Socks: Solmate Shoes: Pointer Gloves: Army Surplus Backpack: Spec-Ops

Random B&W…

I’m always trying to talk to Birds and Squirrels, “C’mon, just stay still for a sec.. Look at me, LOOK AT ME!!“


Uhg.   Starting off the New Year in bad shape… NOT a good look. Still sick from New Years Eve partying. Looking forward to NOT seeing Alcohol ’till the next New Years Eve..… Continue reading

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