Galaxy Flightposite

What better way to celebrate my 50th post than with some artwork! Enjoy! Advertisements

REVS/COST @High Line

I remember taking the 7 Train and along the ride in-between cars or whatever, I would catch these HUGE throw-ups, COST-REVS. For the record, I considered them throw-ups, because at the time I… Continue reading

Ditmars Blvd is Dying, Slowly…

In North Beach, also know as East Elmhurst in Queens, you have a strip of mansions and large houses. Well, soon they’ll just be duplexes and the like. It seems every month more… Continue reading

Winter Wears

Yup! Winter’s here, time to put on the heavyweight Denim and Layer up! This pic was actually from last year/early this year?, but the kit is the same with minor upgrades. The Brooklyn… Continue reading

Astoria at night, Fet. Aperture

I was editing some photos in Aperture and started playing with a particular pic of Astoria at night… Kinda liked how it look, so I thought I’d share.. Hope y’all like them too.… Continue reading

Sorry for Slacking… More Randoms.


Some more Wu-Tang fan art.. Thinking about adding some texture, I dunno…


Eric Haze Exhibit.. Mad late, I know… Enjoy.

Trusty Shooter

Alas, Time for a new one. The Lumix GF2 is my go to Shooter, especially Street Photography shootin’, but I’m in need of an upgrade. Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to pick this… Continue reading

Mike Fahey Sir, you are INCORRECT.

It seems that Mr. Fahey from Kotaku was a fan of the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) TV show. He has a write up on a new set of TMNT figures from Playmates… Continue reading

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