When Corvette’s Were DOPE….

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An Old Piece, Revised Slightly…

Man, I Really should’ve revised them wack wheels!

Rope Belt

When I was younger…¬†MUCH younger, I didn’t have much… And with an older brother, such as mine, I had less! (Love you, Big O) So there were a few things that I had… Continue reading

RRL’s… From Start To Finish

My Raw Denim Project began January 22nd, 2011. This round (Yeah, this aint the 1st), I chose some Ralph Lauren “Slim Fit” RRL’s… This happened by incident, because I happened to be in… Continue reading


NIKE did something Big, by putting a Outdoor, Hardwood Court -with huge screens and all that in the L.E.S.. To jump it all off, the best High Schoolers in the Bronx, pit their… Continue reading

Random AE-1 Program Pics

I really like the Canon AE-1 ProgramFilm camera… Wish I would shoot with it more, but Digital is too easy! Still, I come back to film every now and then.


The Air Force 1… A Pair of Kicks I have a Love/Hate relationship with. Never owned a pair ’till the early 2K, -Blame my refusal to be like everybody else in NYC. It… Continue reading

My Screensaver at the Moment…

6th Ave, somewhere in the 20’s.   Pardon the lack of posting, I got a lot on my plate at the moment… Just thought I’d add a little color to my blog. Last… Continue reading

It’s Been A Minute…

I’m my biggest Critic, But sometimes I do admire my Line Art… Even if it’s been turned into a Vector.


It Can get Really REAL.¬† And Don’t You Forget That.. -EVER.

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