Jack Purcell x Sharpie

I need to stay away from Markers.. Sharpies in particular. Especially when I wearing or there are some Jack Purcell’s nearby.. I just so happened to look down at the Black/White pair I… Continue reading

I’m His #1 Fan

Commute to School/Work for this Duo… Man! -how could you not want to be in your Children’s lives? There’s no Excuse. I mean, even if it’s a walk to the bus stop, it’s… Continue reading

Random Sketch

I seriously need to work on my Females and their proportions… Arghhh.

Random Flicks

My Favorite Hook-Up, RRL’s & my Drawn-on Jack Purcell’s..

Can CANON Lure Me Back??

Since I went digital when it came to Photography, I’ve Stuck with Canon. Point and Shoot’s, DSLR’s, all Canon. When I felt the Digital Rebel I┬áhad, was just too big to carry with… Continue reading


I Was gonna do a simple flat color joint, but then I got a Masamune Shirow rush, but instead of using 3-D objects into a flat 2-D drawing, I just added Illustrator objects,… Continue reading

Random Flicks


I never got up on a grand scale, but if I did, it would look like this, hopefully…




When I was a little Kid, -well, Teenager (yes, I still played with toys in High School, Still do), I used to Play with G.I. JOE’s… I would have a stash of them… Continue reading

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