Saying Goodbye to the Denim Jacket

WELLLLLP, Spring is here and with Summer right around the corner, I gotta say “Peace” to my Denim Jackets.   The Denim Jacket is such a Staple in any mans wardrobe. You can… Continue reading

ACU Lipps

I would pass out at the sight of ACU lipstick… Or even a good attempt at one! females and Camouflage… UHHhhhh!!!


Random Flicks


Dug up a old pick of Self back when I was designing for AZZURE/RP55. “Sigh”… Miss VA, my Second home. So many memories….

Creating your own exclusive Kicks on the Cheap…

Not everyone can wait overnight in front of NSW on Mercer for a pair of limited run kicks, nor afford them depending on the rarity. So here are a pair of Poor Man… Continue reading

RAIDERS of the East Coast

And not in a bad way either. As my Homie, Waller would call them: the “Jokeland Raiders”, The Black/white, Black/Grey is a good look, going forward for the Brooklyn bound team. Expect a… Continue reading


Last week, I won a couple of passes to an Exclusive NIKE unveiling of the 2012 Jerseys for the NFL. Aside from the choice of Performers -whom I won’t mention here, the event… Continue reading

In Spirit of the Red Tails..

Back at my first Graphic/Design job, RP55 (Reynolds & Perry), we had a theme based off of the Tuskegee Airmen, aka the Red Tails. I believe this graphic is for the inside of… Continue reading

Let’s try this Again…

Let's try this Again... the Blog is No More… At least the iWeb version.

Shut down because of Limitations and Apple themselves, I had to move on… So, I moved here to Wordpress.

don’t know JACK about it, but I have a few homies Doing it, so I gotta roll with them…

This my World… REP96st, Take your kicks off and C’mon IN.

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