When Fake can mean more than the Real Thing

This is my Grandfather’s Watch. It’s a Rolex. It’s also a Fake. It’s the only thing I have from the Father that raised me. Instilled in me manners that I pass off to… Continue reading

Animation Ready…

Ready to go on a Mission in Grand Theft Auto V…  


I can’t front.. He’s been a Die-Hard Knicks fan, since I knew him. I’d wish he get away from me with all that Knicks garb, though…


The KD 6, A very well designed Basketball shoe. Seems the Hypebeast aren’t too pleased with the design from some of the comments I’ve read on the more frequented Sneaker Blogs.. A shame… Continue reading

A Hip-Hop Legend Run-In…

Just stepped out to lunch, speed-walking, so I can get downtown to my favorite Golden Crust, when I had a Fan Moment… –Kool Keith was walking toward me. Now, I don’t “Geek-Out”, whenever… Continue reading

When All Else Fails..

-And I catch a brain fart on what to wear in the morning, I go to my Trusty-Dusty Stussy Tee. I LOVE this shirt!! -Props to Stussy for making it and Commonwealth VA.

REP96st’s Fun With Photoshop

What’s Good?   So… Winding down uploading some files, working in Photoshop, I decided to play around with some Filters.. You can get some great results messing around with them.. Here, I took… Continue reading

A Shadow of it’s Former Self…

The New York State Pavilion, part of the 1964/65 NY Worlds Fair. In a way, I envy the people that were fortunate to see and pass by it in it’s prime. Back when… Continue reading

Some art to hold y’all down..

Okay, I’m not feeling this theme. I was at first, with the large pics and all, I’m just not feeling the double pic layout. Gotta switch it up, again… In the meantime, some… Continue reading


I take Pictures…   But I ask myself most of the time, “Are you improving? Why aren’t you getting closer? Don’t you think you can shoot it at a better angle?” Then of… Continue reading

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